Kadisco Hospital is the sister company of one of the leading paint manufacturing company Kadisco chemical industry, Kadisco group and SMATARA forwarding company. After a long exhausting period of planning and preparation, KADISCO general hospital was inaugurate on May 1 2007, and commenced to render its services promptly.

Its objectives are mainly oriented to secure the societies health through modern preventive and diagnostic health practices. The hospital building is erected and stretched on a wide flat area in the Gerji region commonly known as 46 mazorya. The hospital is uniquely designed to accommodate a grand entrance with wide reception and corridors, spacious bedrooms and health care units. Wide range of medical equipment units & other facility sections are also available allowing us to:

  • Maximize comfort of the patients and visitors.

  • Create a conductive atmosphere, which inspires and enables health.
  • Professionals and other staff members are present to efficiently and ethically deliver health services.
  • Create a space, which accommodates and allow the effective utilization of man power and medical equipment.
  • Provide Credit facility for companies such as ECA, Banks and insurances etc.
  • Maintain each space and corners constantly clean etc